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E-Waste Recycling Brisbane

Looking for a responsible e-waste disposal in Brisbane? Drop off your e-waste at our office in Mitchelton! We ensure safe, eco-friendly recycling.

E-Waste Recycling: Your Trusted Electronics Recycling In Mitchelton, Brisbane


G’day, if you've been looking around for a reliable place to drop off your e-waste, your search ends here. Pro Computer Repairs provide an easy and environmentally-friendly solution for all your e-waste recycling needs.

Whether you've got an old laptop, desktop computer, game console, or any other electronics device, simply contact us to arrange free drop-off.

Whether you've got a single item, or you're a business looking to dispose of old assets, we are here to help!

Mitchelton's Premier E-Waste Drop-Off Point

As part of the local community, we’re committed to keeping Australia clean.

We proudly offer our e-waste drop-off service to help you safely and responsibly dispose of your electronic waste.


Don't let your old gadgets gather dust or end up in landfill, bring them to us instead! 

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Responsible E-Waste Recycling


We're not just a computer repairs store - we're your go-to solution for all things e-waste recycling in Brisbane.

We ensure that all electronic devices are properly dismantled and recycled, following strict Australian e-waste management guidelines.


No harmful e-waste will ever make its way from our store to the Aussie environment.


That's our promise!

What Can You Drop Off?

We accept a wide variety of electronic products for recycling, including old laptops and smartphones, desktop computers and parts such as power supplies and motherboards, as well as gaming consoles. 

Not sure if your item is considered e-waste? Just give us a bell, we're always here to help.

Remember, every bit counts when it comes to protecting our environment. Join us in our e-waste recycling initiative today and help keep Australia beautiful for generations to come.

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Where Are We Located?

You can find our computer store conveniently located in Mitchelton.


Pop in to drop off your e-waste and, while you're here, feel free to enquire about our Laptop and Desktop Computer Repairs Services.

Looking for an eco-friendly way to recycle your e-waste items? Speak to our friendly technician!

  • Can you repair Nintendo Switch not reading game cartridges?
    Yes, we can fix this. Usually, replacing the entire game cartridge slot module is the best solution for this issue. A typical Nintendo Switch game slot replacement would cost around $80.
  • Why does my Nintendo Switch make a pop noise and turn off?
    Usually this means that the Battery inside the Nintendo Switch has failed. We can replace Nintendo Switch batteries for you. Typically, Nintendo Switch battery replacements cost around $100.
  • Can you fix Nintendo Switch joycon controller drift?
    Yes, we can repair this for you. We use quality replacement parts to repair joycon controller drift and to help prolong the life of your Nintendo Switch console. The typical cost of a joycon replacement is $75.
  • My Nintendo Switch's L & R buttons have stopped working, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can repair faulty L & R buttons on your Nintendo Switch. Typically, these repairs cost $59 labour + parts.
  • Do you refurbish Nintendo Gameboy Colors?
    Yes, we can refurbish Nintendo Gameboy Color handheld gaming consoles. We offer cleaning services, restoration, repairs and more. Enquire today to have your Gameboy Color renewed.
  • Can you replace Gameboy game cartridge save batteries?
    Yes, we can replace Nintendo Gameboy game cartridge batteries. These batteries store critical system information such as the Time & Date, as well as save file data. When the batteries reach a certain age, they lose their ability to hold this data. The batteries are a special kind of CR2025, CR1616 or CR2032 batteries that require soldering. A typical Nintendo game cartridge battery replacement costs around $30.
  • Start button not working on Gameboy Color, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can fix start button's that aren't working on Nintendo Gameboy Color consoles. Sometimes the rubber buttons wear out and fail after prolonged usage, or the contacts on the motherboard require cleaning. A typical Start button fix on Gameboys costs around $59.
  • My GameBoy's screen is scratched, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can replace GameBoy glass screens for an affordable price. Replacing the glass screen will restore the GameBoy to look near-new again. Typically, we can fix this for $60 (incl. parts).
  • Can you repair an Xbox One that has stopped reading discs?
    Yes, we can fix this Xbox issue. In most cases, we would replace the optical drive, and the cost is usually around $140 depending on part availability. Once job commences, turn around time is typically 1-2 days.
  • How often should I clean my Xbox One console?
    We recommend having your Xbox game console cleaned every 6-12 months. An excess build up of dust can cause short circuits as well as performance issues, and lower the life expectancy of electronic components. We can perform full system cleans, as well as CPU heat sink's Thermal Paste reapplications, to ensure your system runs cool and to its maximum potential.
  • Can you speed up my Xbox One console?
    Yes, we can help boost system-wide performance, including gaming loading speeds and boot times, to create a better gaming experience. In most cases, upgrading the Xbox's slow internal Hard Drive to a new Solid State Drive (SSD) will increase your Xbox's performance by up to x3. We will even transfer the files to the new Hard Drive, so you can jump straight back into your games, hassle-free. Depending on the size of hard drive you'd like, typically hard drive upgrade and cloning prices range from: 250GB - $165 500GB - $199 1TB -$249 2TB - $329 Enquire today for more details.
  • My Xbox cooling fan stopped working, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can replace your Xbox console's CPU cooling fan. We try to use only genuine parts when possible, to ensure quality repairs. A typical Xbox cooling fan replacement costs $59 labour + parts.
  • Can you repair my Xbox console's HDMI port?
    We are not currently offering this type of repair, sorry.
  • Can you make a slow PlayStation console faster?
    Yes, we can help increase system boot times, gaming loading speeds to create a better gaming experience. In most cases, upgrading the internal Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) will increase your PlayStation's performance by up to x3. We will even transfer the files to the new Hard Drive, so you can jump straight back into the game, hassle-free. Depending on the size of hard drive you'd like, typically hard drive upgrade and cloning prices range from: 250GB - $165 500GB - $199 1TB -$249 2TB - $329 Enquire today for more details.
  • Can you fix the 'Blue Light of Death' issue on PS4 console?
    Yes, we can repair the dreaded Blue Light issue on your PlayStation PS4 console. There are several causes of this issue, we've listed a few below, along with our typical repair prices for each. Faulty PS4 Power Supply - $159 Faulty Hard Drive - Starting from $159 Corrupted Software - Starting from $59
  • Can you repair PlayStation controller buttons and triggers?
    Yes, we can repair all button and trigger related issues. The controller's joysticks, R1 & L1 buttons and triggers can wear out over time. We use quality replacement parts to help prolong the life of your PlayStation controller. Repair prices start from $59 + parts. Enquire today for more information.
  • My PlayStation is full of dust, can you clean it?
    Yes, we offer full game console cleaning services. We remove all dust and build-up inside your PlayStation to help prolong its lifespan and improve performance. Typically, our PlayStation cleaning service is just $59.
  • What is PS5 disc drive repair cost?
    PlayStation not reading discs? We can repair this! A typical repair costs $85 for labour + parts. We service all PS models, including the PS4 & PS5, as well as legacy consoles including the PS1, PS2 & PS3.
  • Can you fix noisy UMD for PSP?
    Yes, we can repair all models of PSP's, and their UMD disc drives. A typical UMD drive repair costs $65, with typical turn around time being roughly 1-2 business days.
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