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Get your Asus laptop repaired fast!

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Got an issue with your Asus laptop?

We can repair all types of problems with Asus laptops from Asus laptop LCD Screen Replacements and Asus Keyboard Repairs to Data Recovery, Asus Laptop Battery Replacements, Upgrades, Virus Removals and more! 

Our diagnosis fees are $75.

Our assessment usually takes half a business day and when complete, we will advise you of our diagnosis.

Once we get your approval, a typical turnaround time of between 1-3 business days would be expected.

Asus Computer Repairs - We're Experts at Diagnosing Your Laptop!

All models of Asus laptops, notebooks, ultrabooks and Chromebooks

Included Asus Laptop Repairs Services

  • LCD Display Replacement

  • Keyboard & TouchPad Replacement

  • HDD to SSD upgrade

  • Hard Drive storage space upgrade

  • RAM Upgrades

  • Laptop screen repairs

  • Hardware repairs

  • DC power jack replacements

  • Laptop battery replacements

  • Hinge repair

  • Operating system & other software installation

  • Virus removal

  • Asus Zenbook

  • Asus Zenbook Pro

  • Asus Zenbook Duo

  • Asus TUF

  • Asus ROG Strix

  • Asus ROG Flow

  • Asus ProArt

  • Asus ExpertBook

  • Asus Chromebook

Models of Asus Laptops Serviced

Why choose Pro Computer Repairs?

$75 Diagnostics

Low Price Guarantee

We offer our fast & efficient diagnosis services for only $75. 

Our technician has lower overheads than other electronics repair store, and we pass these savings onto you. It's our low price guarantee promise.

Quality Repair Services

Once we get your approval, we'll advise you of the turnaround time and provide the best service possible!

Asus Laptop screen replacements in Brisbane

asus laptop screen replacement

Laptop screens can damaged easily but can be replaced quickly when you call Pro Computer Repairs to repair your laptop's LCD screen. 

If you have a broken screen on your home or office laptop, contact the experts at Pro Computer Repairs for professional & hassle-free service!

We not only offer Asus LCD screen repairs but also offer replacement screens for all major brands. Take advantage of our free pick-up/drop-off service across Brisbane's North West, and call our Mitchelton office today!

Asus Laptop keyboard repairs

Has your Asus laptop's keyboard stopped working?

Our computer technician can repair Asus laptop and notebook keyboards both fast & affordable!

Asus keyboards usually be repaired usually at a cost of around $99 + parts. Our quick turnaround times on these types of repairs means that you can usually get your machine back up and running again in a day or two from the date the job commences. 

Our Asus laptop keyboard repair service is carried out by our qualified and experienced professional technician.

We guarantee the highest of standards of work - which ensures quality results every time! Please call 0421 992 625.

asus keyboard repair

Is your Asus laptop not holding charge?

Does your laptop keep telling you that the battery is faulty? When you need your Asus laptop's battery replaced, think

Pro Computer Repairs! We can service all models of Asus laptops, notebooks, 2-in-1 devices and Chromebooks.

A battery that is failing to charge or hold charge may be indicative of a failing or faulty battery and a laptop battery replacement may be required. However, it could also be an indication that there are problems associated with your DC jack socket, computer’s motherboard or laptop charger.

Asus Laptop battery replacements

asus battery replacement.jpg

If your Asus laptop needs a battery replacement, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs. If your circumstance is one where the original battery can be easily removed, it will be a simple job and the laptop battery replacement cost is limited to the replacement battery. If however the battery can not be easily removed (involving a degree of disassembly of your laptop) contact us today for an obligation-free quote.

Want to get your Asus laptop repaired fast? Contact us today!

Asus Laptop Repairs FAQs

Are Asus laptops worth repairing?

In a lot of cases, an older laptop can be restored back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We can help you assess whether it's viable with our honest opinion. 

Is it safe to give my Asus laptop for repair?

We understand how important personal computers are and that's why our technicians provide the utmost care when handling your device. We highly recommend backing up any critical data before repairs commence, for your own peace of mind.

How much does it cost to repair an Asus laptop?

Our diagnosis fees are $75 but are deducted from the total cost once the job is complete. 

Depending on the size of the job, a typical repair could cost between $99-$199 + parts.

My Asus laptop is slow, can you make it faster?

There are several ways to speed up the performance of older laptops. The most common methods are hard drive and memory upgrades.

Contact us today to find out more!

Asus Laptop Repair Services Near Me - After Hour Drop Off Available

Got a computer or laptop problem? We're here to help! Our computer technician is very passionate about providing the best computer repairs in Brisbane.

We can provide cost-effective repair solutions from general maintenance to data recovery, removing viruses and malware, custom computer building, and more!


You can easily drop your laptop off to be repaired at our Mitchelton office or we can offer a free pick-up service in Brisbane's North Western suburbs (no call out fee!) including Enoggera, Stafford, Keppera, Alderley, 


If you're outside this service area, don't worry - we can also organise after-hours and weekend drop-offs. Contact our team today for a free quote!

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