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Customer PC Build

Custom Desktop Computers

Are you looking to build new or upgrade your current desktop PC? Pro Computer Repairs are here to help! 

We design and build quality desktop computers to suit all users types and budgets, from home office users to small businesses as well as gamers, video editors, audio engineers and more.

A custom computer can offer a lot better value for money than pre-built machines from major consumer electronics retailers.

Our technician has over 10 years experience building computers, and we offer the best advice at an affordable price when it comes to building desktop computers.

Our Custom PC Services

Best brands, best performance, lowest prices!

Why choose a custom desktop PC?

  • Unique design tailored to individual's requirements

  • Fantastic value for money

  • Quality assurance
    All parts include manufacture's warranty
    Backed by our 30 day ELF care period 

  • Small Businesses

  • Home Office

  • Gaming/Streaming

  • Audio Engineering

  • Video Production

  • Media Server

  • Cryptocurrency Mining

  • General Usage

Computer Building

Custom Desktop Computers

Custom Desktop PC

Have Pro Computer Repairs build your dream PC!

Simply forward us your requirements or parts wish-list, and we'll provide a free quote & turn around times for your next PC build. 

To help you along your journey, we've listed the main components that make up a desktop PC below:

  • Processor (CPU – Intel or AMD)

  • Motherboard

  • Graphics Card (GPU – Nvidia or AMD)

  • Memory (RAM)

  • Storage (SSD and/or HDD)

  • CPU Cooler

  • Power Supply

  • Case

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly technician for assistance. 

Custom PC Services FAQs

Will the computer come with a warranty?

All of the components our technicians use will come with a warranty period of between 1-5yrs depending on the type of part from it's manufacturer.

All of Pro Computer Repairs custom computers have a 30 day after sale support satisfaction period in which we will repair any faults, in the unlikely event that a fault should occur.

Can I upgrade parts of my computer in the future?

Yes! Possibly the greatest part of a custom desktop computer is that you can upgrade your computer at any point in time.

Unlike laptops, a desktop computer can have all of it's individual parts replaced.

This gives desktop PC's a far greater life span than their portable laptop counterparts.

Is building a computer complicated?

Building a custom computer is as easy as 1-2-3.


Having a custom built computer that is tailored to your specific needs usually far greater value for money than a pre-built PC you may find at your local electronics retailer.


Our technicians take the stress and hassles out of custom PC’s to make your life as easy as possible.

Is building a computer expensive?

Building a desktop computer is cheaper than you may think. with the ability to swap & customise parts to give the best performance for dollar value. 

We cater to all types of users and budget requirements, typical builds start from $149 + parts. Find more information on our transparent Prices page, or enquire today for a free quote!

Need a quote for your new PC? 
Speak to our friendly technician!

Save money by building a custom Desktop Computer!

Looking at having a custom computer built for you? We're here to help! Our computer technician is very passionate about designing and building the best desktop computers in Brisbane.

We offer cost-effective custom computer building solutions to suit gaming, offices/businesses, casual, audio and video production, and more. 


Please use the contact button below to enquire about your new computer today. 


Servicing Mitchelton and all surrounding suburbs including Everton Park, Enoggera, Stafford, Keperra, Alderley. Everton Hills, McDowall, The Gap, Arana Hills, Gaythorne, Everton Park, Ashgrove, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove.


If you're outside this service area, don't worry – we can also organise after-hours and weekend drop-offs. Contact our team today for a free quote!

Why choose Pro Computer Repairs?

$75 Diagnostics

Low Price Guarantee

We offer our fast & efficient diagnosis services for only $75.

Our technician has lower overheads than other electronics repair store, and we pass these savings onto you. It's our low price guarantee promise.

Quality Repair Services

Once we get your approval, we'll advise you of the turnaround time and provide the best service possible!

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