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Hard Disk

Brisbane Data Recovery
No Data – No Fee

Has Your Hard Drive, SSD or USB failed?

We're here to help!

Located in Mitchelton, we offer data recovery services across North Brisbane.


We can recover your data from any brand of hard drive in 95% of cases. If we can’t, you don’t pay. Simple!

Pro Computer Repair's Data Recovery Services

Whether your computer is not booting correctly, you accidentally reformatted your drive or deleted an important file, bent a USB stick, or dropped your external hard drive, we can help recover data off of that device. Because our Technician has years of experience with hardware and software means that whatever the data type, we can most likely recover it.

Our team are very passionate in providing the best service and the right advice when it comes to fixing your computer. We can provide everything from data recovery to general computer maintenance and repairs, virus removal, game console repairs, custom computer building, and more!


Servicing North Brisbane, our on-site pickup and drop-off services are available within Mitchelton and its surrounding areas including Everton Park, Gaythorne, Ashgrove, Kelvin Grove, Newmarket, Ferny Grove, Enoggra, The Gap, Bardon, Red Hill, and more.

Call us now on 0421 992 625 and speak with a technician directly.

Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions

All brands USBs, Hard Drive Disks and SSDs

Included Services

  • External & internal hard drive (HDD) data recovery

  • Laptop Hard Drive - Removed & still in laptop

  • USB Drive Data Recovery

  • Apple Data Recovery

  • SD Flash Card Data Recovery

  • Data Migration

  • Hard Drive Cloning

  • HDD to SSD Upgrades

  • Recover deleted data files and photos & more

  • Solid State Drive (SDD) Data Recovery


Why choose Pro Computer Repairs?

$65 Diagnostics

Low Price Guarantee

We offer our fast & efficient diagnosis services for only $65. If you go ahead with the repair, we'll remove the diagnosis fee. 

Our technician has lower overheads than other electronics repair store, and we pass these savings onto you. It's our low price guarantee promise.

Quality Repair Services

Once we get your approval, we'll advise you of the turnaround time and provide the best service possible!

Data Recovery Brisbane - FAQs

Do you offer fast data recovery services in Brisbane?

We understand that you want to recover your data as soon as possible; we offer a variety of Data Recovery services in Brisbane.

Depending on the volume and nature of the data, we could potentially recover your data from a few hours to 7-10 days.

How can I plan to prevent data loss in the future?

It is great practice to have several copies of critical information and data.


We recommend having a physical backup of all your data on a separate, external drive that is left unplugged for majority of time.


We also recommend cloud-based storage solutions so that even in the event of disaster at your location, you have a copy backed up on the internet.

My computer isn't turning on, can you recover my files?

In most cases, even if your computer's operating system won’t boot up and has corrupt files, we are usually able to recover most, if not all of your data with our special recovery software and system.

Contact us today to find out more.

Can you upgrade my HHD to SSD without losing any data?

We have special software that allows cloning of your original Hard Disk Drive to a new Solid State Drive.

Upgrading your old style hard drive to a solid state hard drive can speed up system performance by 30-50%.

Solid State Hard Drives are more reliable than Hard Disk Drives, and have become a lot more affordable in recent years. 

Looking for a quote for data recovery? 
Contact to our friendly technician!

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