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Whether your Desktop Computer is not starting up, you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest parts or your Desktop PC has been running slow, we are here to help! 

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Need help with your desktop PC? 

Windows 11 PC

Looking to have your Desktop PC serviced by the best?
We cater to all types of desktop computers repairs from home office users to small businesses as well as gamers.

Desktop Computers allow for simply maintenance. upgrades & repairs when things aren't working the way they should.


We offer everything from desktop PC maintenance and cleaning to hardware upgrades, software updates, fixing startup issues and more!

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Our Desktop PC Repair Services

All brands, models & types of Desktop Computer Repairs

Included Services

  • Casual/Home Users

  • Office Users

  • Gamers

  • Video Editing

  • Audio Engineering

  • Cryptocurrency Miners

CPU into Motherboard

Why Choose Pro Computer Repairs?

$49 Diagnostics

Our diagnosis fees are $49 but are deducted from the total cost once the job is complete.

Low Price Guarantee

Our technician's have lower overheads than a typical electronics repair store and we pass these savings onto you with our guaranteed low price promise.

Quick Repair Process

Once we get your approval, we'll advise you of the turnaround time.

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Desktop PC Repairs and Maintenance in Brisbane

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When your Desktop PC's is in need of repair, upgrade, cleaning and maintenance, call Pro Computer Repairs to have your desktop computer serviced today!

If you have an issue with your home or office PC, you can get it repaired right away without any hassle with Pro Computer Repairs professional services!

We not only offer general cleaning and maintenance but also perform upgrades to all major components, such as RAM and hard drive (HDD & SSD) upgrades, PC won't start/boot issues, data recovery, virus removal and more!

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Need to upgrade your hard drive storage or memory? Our computer technician can upgrade computers fast!


We offer the best advice and service when it comes to RAM upgrades, hard drive replacements, data recovery, virus removal, cleaning and maintenance.  

Most PC's can be repaired and serviced for under $100 (+ parts). Our quick turnaround time on these type's of projects means that we can usually get your machine running again in a day or two.

Our desktop PC repair services are carried out by a qualified, experienced professional who specialized in repairing Windows based machines.

For quality results every time! Please call 0421 992 625.

Blue Screen Of Death

Stop Errors or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) occur when Windows experiences a fatal system error.


These error messages can relate to hardware, software or both! 

Pro Computer Repairs are the experts when it comes to resolving this type of issue. We have a flat rate $49 diagnosis fee, if we can resolve the issue without replacing parts or

re-installing Windows then there's no more to pay!


Contact us today to book your PC in for a quality diagnosis! 

Blue Screen Of Death/Stop Error (BSOD)


Desktop PC Repair Services FAQs

Can I upgrade parts in my Desktop PC?

Possibly the greatest part of a Desktop PC is their upgradability factor. Breath new life into your PC by getting your performance parts upgraded. 

Unlike laptops, a desktop computer can have individual parts replaced and swapped out which gives them a far greater life span than their portable counterparts.

My Desktop PC is slow, can this be fixed? 

Due to the reparability of a Desktop PC, it's usually quite easy to speed up their performance. Regardless of the PC's age, repairs are generally more viable than purchasing a whole new PC.


Typical upgrades to improve performance include hard drive upgrades, RAM upgrades, Fresh Installation of Windows & software cleanups.

How often should I have my Desktop PC serviced?

We highly recommend having your Desktop PC serviced at least twice a year, as the build up of dust in a PC case can lead to a shorter lifespan for the internal components.

Ensuring that your PC's case & components are clean and have great ventilation will help keep your PC running fast and smooth.

Why does my monitor say 'No Signal Found'?

When your monitor presents the message 'No Signal Found', this usually means that a piece of hardware is preventing your computer from starting up correctly. 

Our technicians are the experts when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnosing these sorts of issues. 

Got a computer or laptop problem? We're here to help!

Got a computer or laptop problem? We're here to help! Our computer technician is very passionate about providing the best computer repairs in Brisbane.

We can provide cost-effective repair solutions from general maintenance to data recovery, removing viruses and malware, custom computer building, and more!


You can easily drop your laptop off to be repaired at our Mitchelton office or we can offer a free pick-up service in Brisbane's North Western suburbs (no call out fee!) including MitcheltonEnoggra, Stafford, Keperra, Alderley. Everton Hills, McDowall, The Gap, Arana Hills, Gaythorne, Everton Park, Ashgrove, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove.


If you're outside this service area, don't worry - we can also organise after-hours and weekend drop-offs. Contact our team today for a free quote!