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Desktop PC Repairs Brisbane - Fast Turnaround

Whether your Desktop Computer is not starting up, you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest parts or your Desktop PC has been running slow, we are here to help! 

Enquire for a free quote & book in for a service today!

Need help with your desktop PC? 

Windows 11 PC

Looking to have your Desktop PC serviced by the best?
We cater to all types of desktop computers repairs from home office users to small businesses as well as gamers.

We can provide maintenance, upgrades & repairs when things aren't working the way they should.


Our team offers everything from desktop PC maintenance and cleaning services to hardware upgrades, software updates, fixing startup issues and more!

Call our friendly technician to enquire today.

Our Desktop PC Repair Services

All brands, models & types of Desktop Computer Repairs

Included Services

  • Boot & Windows startup issues

  • Windows installation

  • Maintenance & cleaning

  • Graphics card upgrade

  • RAM upgrade

  • New Hard drives install & configuration

  • Power Supply replacement

  • Overheating issues

  • New desktop PC building

  • Broadcasting

  • Casual/Home

  • Office

  • Gaming

  • Video Editing

  • Audio Engineering

  • Cryptocurrency Miners

CPU into Motherboard

Types of PC's Serviced

Why choose Pro Computer Repairs?

$75 Diagnostics

Low Price Guarantee

We offer our fast & efficient diagnosis services for only $75. 

Our technician has lower overheads than other electronics repair store, and we pass these savings onto you. It's our low price guarantee promise.

Quality Repair Services

Once we get your approval, we'll advise you of the turnaround time and provide the best service possible!

Desktop PC Repairs and Maintenance in Brisbane

PC Home Office.png

When your Desktop PC's is in need of repair, upgrade, cleaning and maintenance, call Pro Computer Repairs to have your desktop computer serviced today!

If you have an issue with your home or office PC, you can get it repaired right away without any hassle with Pro Computer Repairs professional services!

We not only offer general cleaning and maintenance but also perform upgrades to all major components, such as RAM and hard drive (HDD & SSD) upgrades, PC won't start/boot issues, data recovery, virus removal and more!

Computer Hardware Upgrades

Need to upgrade your hard drive storage or memory? Our computer technician can upgrade computers fast!


We offer the best advice and service when it comes to RAM upgrades, hard drive replacements, data recovery, virus removal, cleaning and maintenance.  


Most PC's can be repaired and serviced for around $100 (+ parts). Our quick turnaround time on these type's of projects means that we can usually get your machine running again in a day or two.

Our desktop PC repair services are carried out by a qualified, experienced professional who specialized in repairing Windows based machines.

For quality results every time! Please call 0421 992 625.

Blue Screen Of Death

Stop Errors or Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) occur when Windows experiences a fatal system error.


These error messages can relate to hardware, software, or both! 

Pro Computer Repairs are the experts when it comes to resolving this type of issue. Our diagnosis fee starts at $75, if we can resolve the issue without replacing parts or

re-installing Windows then there's no more to pay!


Contact us today to book your PC in for a quality diagnosis! 

Blue Screen Of Death/Stop Error (BSOD)

Hardware Upgrades

Do you need your Desktop Computer repaired? Speak to our friendly technician!

  • Can you repair Nintendo Switch not reading game cartridges?
    Yes, we can fix this. Usually, replacing the entire game cartridge slot module is the best solution for this issue. A typical Nintendo Switch game slot replacement would cost around $80.
  • Why does my Nintendo Switch make a pop noise and turn off?
    Usually this means that the Battery inside the Nintendo Switch has failed. We can replace Nintendo Switch batteries for you. Typically, Nintendo Switch battery replacements cost around $100.
  • Can you fix Nintendo Switch joycon controller drift?
    Yes, we can repair this for you. We use quality replacement parts to repair joycon controller drift and to help prolong the life of your Nintendo Switch console. The typical cost of a joycon replacement is $75.
  • My Nintendo Switch's L & R buttons have stopped working, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can repair faulty L & R buttons on your Nintendo Switch. Typically, these repairs cost $75 labour + parts.
  • Do you refurbish Nintendo Gameboy Colors?
    Yes, we can refurbish Nintendo Gameboy Color handheld gaming consoles. We offer cleaning services, restoration, repairs and more. Enquire today to have your Gameboy Color renewed.
  • Can You Fix A & B Buttons Not Working On GameBoy?
    Yes, we can repair your Nintendo GameBoy's A & B buttons, as well as the other buttons, including the Start & Select buttons. A typical button repair costs $65.
  • Can you replace Gameboy game cartridge save batteries?
    Yes, we can replace Nintendo Gameboy game cartridge batteries. These batteries store critical system information such as the Time & Date, as well as save file data. When the batteries reach a certain age, they lose their ability to hold this data. The batteries are a special kind of CR2025, CR1616 or CR2032 batteries that require soldering. A typical Nintendo game cartridge battery replacement costs around $40.
  • My GameBoy's screen is scratched, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can replace GameBoy glass screens for an affordable price. Replacing the glass screen will restore the GameBoy to look near-new again. Typically, we can fix this for $60 (incl. parts).
  • How often should I clean my Xbox One console?
    We recommend having your Xbox game console cleaned every 6-12 months. An excess build up of dust can cause short circuits as well as performance issues, and lower the life expectancy of electronic components. We can perform full system cleans, as well as CPU heat sink's Thermal Paste reapplications, to ensure your system runs cool and to its maximum potential.
  • Can you speed up my Xbox One console?
    Yes, we can help boost system-wide performance, including gaming loading speeds and boot times, to create a better gaming experience. In most cases, upgrading the Xbox's slow internal Hard Drive to a new Solid State Drive (SSD) will increase your Xbox's performance by up to x3. We will even transfer the files to the new Hard Drive, so you can jump straight back into your games, hassle-free. Depending on the size of hard drive you'd like, typically hard drive upgrade and cloning prices range from: 250GB - $165 500GB - $199 1TB -$249 2TB - $329 Enquire today for more details.
  • My Xbox cooling fan stopped working, can you fix this?
    Yes, we can replace your Xbox console's CPU cooling fan. We try to use only genuine parts when possible, to ensure quality repairs. A typical Xbox cooling fan replacement costs $75 labour + parts.
  • Can you repair my Xbox console's HDMI port?
    We are not currently offering this type of repair, sorry.
  • Can you make a slow PlayStation console faster?
    Yes, we can help increase system boot times, gaming loading speeds to create a better gaming experience. In most cases, upgrading the internal Hard Drive to a Solid State Drive (SSD) will increase your PlayStation's performance by up to x3. We will even transfer the files to the new Hard Drive, so you can jump straight back into the game, hassle-free. Depending on the size of hard drive you'd like, typically hard drive upgrade and cloning prices range from: 250GB - $165 500GB - $199 1TB -$249 2TB - $329 Enquire today for more details.
  • Can you repair PlayStation controller buttons and triggers?
    Yes, we can repair all button and trigger related issues. The controller's joysticks, R1 & L1 buttons and triggers can wear out over time. We use quality replacement parts to help prolong the life of your PlayStation controller. Repair prices start from $75 + parts. Enquire today for more information.
  • My PlayStation is full of dust, can you clean it?
    Yes, we offer full game console cleaning services. We remove all dust and build-up inside your PlayStation to help prolong its lifespan and improve performance. Typically, our PlayStation cleaning service is just $99.

Got a computer or laptop problem? We're here to help!

Got a computer or laptop problem? We're here to help! Our computer technician is very passionate about providing the best computer repairs in Brisbane.

We can provide cost-effective repair solutions from general maintenance to data recovery, removing viruses and malware, custom computer building, and more!


You can easily drop your laptop off to be repaired at our Mitchelton office or we can offer pick-up service in Brisbane's North Western suburbs including MitcheltonEnoggra, Stafford, Keperra, Alderley. Everton Hills, McDowall, The Gap, Arana Hills, Gaythorne, Everton Park, Ashgrove, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove.


If you're outside this service area, don't worry - we can also organise after-hours and weekend drop-offs. Contact our team today for a free quote!

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